Monday, May 24, 2010

Reggae and (most) teens.

Most people these days connect rasta and reggae with smoking weed. Maybe because it makes them "feel lighter" or "calm" or "feel like flying."
Coming from the 60's, I bet a lot of people smoked weed while listening to reggae, and many more drugs. I guess it's supposed to make them "become one with the music." That's bull. It's just a substitute for a lack of passion. Anyone can become one with music, or anything, completely sober and have just as much fun as someone with the help of substances. Of course, someone without that passion will find it very hard. Unless they have.. MARIJUANA!!! :D
..I don't think so. Anyway, what's your opinion? Do YOU like smoking weed while listening to reggae? How does is make you feel compared to being sober?

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